Complex senior year (P1)

Complex senior year (P1)

It’s been ages since I’ve written my last blog. Well, there’s been nothing special lately. My life is still the same way it used to be. Nothing changes. Even my being a slacker. However, there are some good news. I won a third place in the Nation Contest for Gifted Students (English majored). This is, in fact, the best thing I’ve achieved in the past 17 years, but I don’t know why I was not happy, not even a little bit, when I heard the news from my sister. Probably because a younger student from my high school won a second place. “I got drunk on jealousy”, I guess. Admittedly, she is an excellent student. She’s humble, hard-working, friendly and of course, ambitious. She’s even taller than me. -_- How fair life could be, hah? Anyways, let’s go back to me. At first, when my parents received the news. They were so excited and started making plans for my future. There were DAV (Diplomatic Academy of VN) & FTU HN. My dad wanted to send me to HN, since some guy he knows just got promoted to be in the Nation something Committee. Everyone in my family was okay with dad’s choices. Mom wanted me to go DAV (she said I had always liked those political things) why dad preferred the other one (he said if I went to FTU, I would have the chance to work in politics as well as business later). As for me, I was nearly convinced by my parents. Nevertheless, forever being a skeptical person, I changed my mind. I thought “What if that promoted guy failed to reach higher steps on the political ladder, would I survive? After all, becoming a politician means having reliable and powerful networking. Yet I am a girl from a small province with practically nothing, not enough money or beauty or confidence.” At least, I spent several sleepless nights wondering going or not going. It’s true that I like politics, but I’m afraid I’m not that witty or clever a person to succeed in such a competitive field. On the other hand, my life goal is to become someone who can rewrite history, be remembered and admired by the whole nation like Uncle H. Call me insane, but yes, that’s my dream. At the end, I became sick and tired of wasting my energy into such pointless issues, I decided to go to a university in HCMC.Hellllooo, which one??? Here we go again with the weighing-the-pros-and-cons. Frankly, so far I haven’t had any specific idea about what I want to pursue. I know life is tough, most people are untrustworthy. Hence, should I keep considering options, will it do me good? To sum up, right now I’m quite settle with IU (International University): city center campus, various clubs as well as a 50% scholarship (if I can make it through upcoming the High School Examination). Lately, ok, just a few days ago, I looked at other options like University of Law, Uni of Social Sciences and Humanities (Department of Internation Relations-my forever obsession). Blah blah blah I shall keep thinking thinking thinking

This is my fav song this week, a soundtrack from Cruel Romance, starring Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen. I am currently hooked with this Chinese drama since its title is my name in VNmese, as well as the female lead (Cẩm Tú Duyên-Hoa Lệ Mạo Hiểm).


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