Freshman Year: IU, here I come

Freshman Year: IU, here I come

I planned to write this a few days ago but my procrastination won me over.

High school days are finally over. My innocent yet miserable days are finally over. Hooray?!!!

This morning, I became an official student of International University (IU). Is this even a good news? Maybe, I’m still not so sure about my decision of applying here but time will tell. The first impression is not that bad, I met 2 nice girls, one on the bus and one sitting next to me during the seminar. However, the fact that I have to take 2 buses to get to school from home and vice versa wears me out. To put it simply, it is unbelievably tiring and time-consuming. Not to mention that HCMC is not really growing on me at all because of its traffic congestion and astronomical expenses. It is going to cost mom a fortune to raise me and my sister here. Nevertheless, it’s not like we had any other choice. Anyway, I need to get used to the streets around here first once I get my motorbike. There are things to do, coffee shops to visit, places to hang out, stuff to buy, etc.

I only have 4 years to try and work for what I always dream of so instead of complaining, I think I should get down to business as soon as possible 🙂 

Another thing I’ve been considering is that I want to start a blog about reviews (film, music, books, etc) and I’m serious about it this time. A friend I know started writing pretty good reviews about classic films and music on her fb in both Eng and VN so it kinda tempts me to write mine, too. I’m gonna name it Pretty Aurora or Cherry Amour ( a lovely Stevie Wonder’s song that the girl I mentioned above reviewed). Feeling excited already ^.^

P.s: recently I discovered a really amazing band called HUYKOH ❤ Their music is damn cool. It is exactly my favorite kind of music: indie & soft rock (perhaps). The band’s main vocal, Oh Huyk is such an awesome guy since his appearance is so contrary to his shy personality.  Ah, their MV is beyond spectacular, especially Gondry :3


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